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Andersen's windows and patio doors combine timeless style with industry-leading energy efficiency and durability.

Andersen products offer a wide range of customization options to seamlessly integrate with any home's aesthetic. Built to last, these windows feature innovative materials, rigorous testing, and industry-leading durability.

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Andersen 100 Series

Crafted from Andersen's proprietary Fibrex composite material, these windows offer sleek profiles, contemporary style, and low-maintenance durability. Fibrex blends wood for strength and polymer for durability and stability, creating a material twice as strong as vinyl that blocks thermal transfer nearly 700 times better than aluminum. 

Energy-efficient glass options include Low-E, SmartSun™, and PassiveSun® coatings to meet ENERGY STAR® requirements. They are available in a variety of window types, including casement, awning, single-hung, gliding, picture, transom, and specialty shapes.

Andersen 100 Series Windows

Andersen 200 Series

Andersen 200 Series windows combine the warmth and beauty of wood interiors with virtually maintenance-free vinyl exteriors, ensuring long-lasting durability. A budget-friendly premium option, these windows are available in pine or pre-finished wood interiors and white or sandstone interiors. The series includes a range of popular window styles.

Andersen 200 Series Windows

Andersen 400 Series

The premium Andersen 400 Series offers stunning wood interiors in your choice of pine, oak, or maple. Exteriors are low-maintenance Perma-Shield, a rigid vinyl cladding that protects wooden elements to extend window durability and longevity.

The 400 series incorporates many window styles, including double-hung, casement, awning, gliding, and specialty shapes. Insert or full-frame units are available with many options, including grilles, hardware finishes, exterior trim, custom sizes, and multiple glass choices.

Andersen 400 Series Windows

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Andersen A Series

Andersen A-Series windows provide beautiful wood interiors with durable, low-maintenance Fibrex® composite and fiberglass exteriors. This is Andersen's most energy-efficient window series, and many models are ENERGY STAR® certified.

Windows options include triple panes with low-E coatings and argon gas fills. Designed in collaboration with leading architects, these windows are available in many exterior colors, interior wood species, and hardware finishes.

Andersen A Series Windows

Andersen E Series

Andersen E-Series windows combine the best of both worlds: a durable aluminum exterior that resists the elements and a warm wood interior for timeless beauty. Customize your windows with an array of colors, wood species, and finishes to match any architectural style. Exceptional energy efficiency ensures lasting performance and comfort.

Andersen E Series Windows

Andersen Windows FAQ

Andersen windows are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Depending on the series, they offer a range of features to enhance thermal performance, including low-E4 glass coating that reflects heat, multiple pane options with insulating air spaces, exclusive Fibrex composite framing material that insulates better than traditional materials, and weatherstripping to reduce drafts. 

Many Andersen windows are ENERGY STAR certified, meeting strict EPA guidelines. The company has been named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year for several consecutive years, highlighting its commitment to energy efficiency.

Andersen crafts their windows from different materials optimized for beauty, durability, and performance:

  • Wood: The traditional option with natural beauty. Protected by cladding or fiberglass on the exterior.
  • Fibrex composite: Andersen's exclusive wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer composite. Twice as strong as vinyl.
  • Fiberglass: Strong, low-maintenance frames resistant to decay, fungal growth, and insects.
    Aluminum: For a sleek, modern look. Extremely durable and low-maintenance.
  • Vinyl: Budget-friendly, low-maintenance option that doesn't need painting.

Window lifespan depends on the environment and a host of other factors. However, you can expect Andersen windows to last many decades. Wood and vinyl windows typically have a lifespan between 20 and 40 years, but they can last longer in some environments.

Fiberglass windows and windows made from Andersen's Fibrex composite are even more durable.

Yes, in many cases, metal roofing can be installed over existing shingles, which can reduce the overall project cost and time.

However, an inspection is recommended to ensure the underlying structure can support the additional weight.

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