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LS Building Products
LS Building Products

Millwork, Moulding, and Stair Parts

Buy millwork, moulding, interior doors, door hardware, stair parts, and stair systems for your building and remodeling projects from one trusted source. We offer millwork products from leading manufacturers, including Jeld-Wen, Metrie, Schlage, Emtek, and L.J. Smith. With one visit to LS Building Products, you can source everything you need to finalize your interior designs with high-quality and sustainable products. 

Moulding & Trim

Achieve any aesthetic with the right mouldings and trim—from modern and sleek to ornate and historic. Our extensive range of mouldings and boards includes all the necessary trim, panels, and parts to finish any interior. We offer an unrivaled choice of moulding options in primed poplar and primed pine, MDF, and an assortment of raw stainable materials.

  • Crown mouldings
  • Baseboards
  • Base shoes
  • Window and door casing
  • Wall paneling
  • Shiplap
  • Architraves
  • Chair rails
Moulding and trim on a wall

Interior Doors

Buy the perfect interior doors to add privacy, sound protection, and aesthetics to any living space. Interior doors are available in materials, styles, and functions to suit any home's aesthetic and practical needs.

  • Interior door styles include swing, bifold, barn, and pocket doors
  • Materials options include wood stile and rail, wood composite, and wood with glass panel
  • Core options include hollow core, solid core, and mineral core



Jeld-Wen Interior Door

Take control of your build

Door and Cabinet Hardware

Deadbolts, knobs, levers, pulls, and handle sets for interior and exterior doors and cabinets, along with all necessary hardware and accessories. Our door and cabinet hardware is available in styles from Arts and Crafts and American classic to contemporary and rustic living. 

  • Durable, secure, and beautiful door locks, knobs, deadbolts, levers
  • Smart lock and electronic lock options
  • A bariety of cabinet hardware, including pulls, knobs, and hinges
  • Hundreds of hardware designs and finishes
Door hinge being installed

Stair Parts and Stair Systems

We stock stair parts and complete stair systems for building safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing stairs in residential or commercial settings. Buy everything you need to build or remodel stairs, including L.J. Smith stair parts and systems. 

  • Wood stair parts in Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Maple, and many others.
  • Post-to-post and over-the-post stairs, with open tread or knee wall stairways
  • Infill styles including wood, iron, panel, tube, and cable
  • Dozens of newel post styles, balusters styles, and handrail profiles to choose from
Staircase in a house

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Millwork is an interior construction material traditionally made in a mill with milling machinery, although modern millwork uses many other manufacturing techniques. Millwork includes doors, windows, trim, mouldings, stairs, cabinets, and custom architectural woodwork that has decorative and functional roles in residential and commercial construction projects. Millwork is made of materials that include wood, engineered wood, composites, and metals. 

Mouldings, also spelled moldings, are strips of decorative material used to finish interior walls, ceilings, and door and window frames. On walls and ceilings, mouldings hide seams and transitions between materials, provide subtle lighting accents, and add visual interest. Around doors and windows, mouldings known as door and window casings provide an attractive border and cover gaps between framing and walls.

A stair system is the complete set of components that make up a staircase. It includes the stair steps and risers, as well as additional parts like stringers, newel posts, balusters, handrails, and landings. At LS Building Supplies, we stock a comprehensive selection of stair parts and stair systems in many designs and materials.

Choosing the right paint for interior doors depends on the material of the door and the finish you desire. For wood, stile and rail, or wood composite doors, a high-quality acrylic latex paint offers durability and a smooth finish. For doors with glass panels or those located in high-traffic areas, consider using semi-gloss or gloss paint for added durability and easy cleaning. Always start with a primer suited to your door's material to ensure the best adhesion and finish. Our selection includes various paint options from leading manufacturers, ensuring you find the perfect match for your interior design needs while maintaining the door's aesthetic and practical functions.

Replacing door trim moulding involves a few key steps: removing the old trim carefully to avoid damage to the wall or door frame, measuring the new trim to fit the door, cutting the trim accurately, and installing it securely with finishing nails or adhesive. Before installation, ensure the trim is primed (if necessary) and painted to match your interior. For a seamless finish, use wood filler to cover nail holes, then sand lightly and apply a final coat of paint. Our extensive range of moulding options, including pine, MDF composite, and flex trim, offers the versatility to achieve any look, from sleek and modern to traditional, ensuring a professional and cohesive interior design.

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