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LS Building Products
LS Building Products

Composite, PVC, and Wood Decking

Decking brings comfort, utility, and beauty to any outdoor space. We carry a complete range of wood, PVC, and composite decking from premium brands, including Zuri, MoistureShield, and Envision. With LS Building Products, you can source all of your decking materials, joists, and inlays from a single trusted supplier committed to meeting the needs of professional building contractors and remodelers.

Composite Decking

Composite decking combines the look of exotic wood with the durability of modern materials. Composite decking is a cost-effective, long-lasting decking  option created by embedding wood fibers into a durable, weather-resistant matrix. Our premium composite decking is available in profiles, color options, textures, and lengths to suit any deck or patio project. 

  • Resistant to rot, insect damage, UV light, and scratching
  • Color options that include walnut, chestnut, hickory, and many more
  • Minimal grain repetition for a natural look
  • No need to paint, stain, or reseal
MoistureShield Composite PVC decking

Wood Decking

Wood decking is the natural, sustainable choice for outdoor decks and patios, providing unparalleled warmth, versatility, and charm. Wood decking can be stained in a color that suits the surrounding architecture and the desired aesthetic. We offer a timber decking selection that includes budget-friendly softwoods and durable hardwoods. 

  • Multi-decade lifespan if properly maintained
  • Wood options that include cedar, pressure-treated pine, and hardwood such as Ipe, also called Brazilian walnut.
  • Budget-friendly, with lower up-front costs than vinyl and composite decking
natural wood decking

Take control of your build

Cellular Composite PVC Decking

PVC decking, or cellular PVC decking, is the most hard-wearing, durable, and waterproof option. It requires minimal maintenance and guarantees a long life. PVC decking systems are easy to install and offer a wide array of color and texture options that mimic the look of hardwood and other natural materials. 

  • Highly resistant to staining, fading, splintering, warping, and weathering
  • Recyclable and often made from recycled materials
  • Offers the broadest range of styles and textures
  • Low maintenance
Zuri Cellular Composite PVC Decking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best decking material depends on your budget, design requirements, and installation environment. 

  • PVC decking is the most resilient and low maintenance, but it is the most expensive.
  • Wood decking ranges in price from affordable softwoods to more expensive exotic hardwoods. It is often preferred for its natural look and feel but requires regular maintenance.
  • Composite decking offers an excellent balance of cost, longevity, and natural appearance. It has minimal maintenance requirements.

It depends on the quality of the composite material and whether the capstock (exterior layer) covers 3 or 4 sides. Our premium composite decking from Zuri has a 25-year colorfastness warranty and a prorated warranty of up to 50 years. As a general rule, you can expect composite decking to last between 20 and 50 years, depending on the use, location, and wear. 

A wooden deck can last for many decades, provided it is regularly sanded and resealed, is not damaged, and is not exposed to excessive moisture and insect activity. 

PVC and vinyl are different names for the same material: polyvinyl chloride. Some manufacturers prefer to call their products vinyl decking, while others prefer PVC decking. Beyond the name, there is no difference. 
However, you may come across a different product referred to as vinyl decking or vinyl deck covering. These are not decking materials in the traditional sense of decking boards but a waterproof membrane used on top of other materials. 

The main differences between a deck and a patio are their construction and location. A deck is an elevated structure, typically made of wood, composite wood, or PVC, and can have multiple levels, while a patio is a ground-level structure. Patios are often made of concrete, stone, tile, pavers, or bricks but can also incorporate wood and composite decking materials.

Featured Brands:

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